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Hi girls :-) My name is Fatima Rai(Fifi), and I'm just another girl that loves all beauty, make up and fashion.I love to shop, love clothes and of course obsessed with MAKEUP;-) Thanks for checking out my blog I hope you will follow.:) . Promotions and sponsorships :just PM

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Simply Chic by Fifi Rai

Simply Chic by Fifi Rai

Peacock dress
£310 -

Dear Frances wooden shoes

Pelcor pink purse

Blue nile jewelry
£102,185 -

Reeds Jewelers 14k earrings
£1,110 -

Nars cosmetic

Bulgari fragrance
£67 -

Jonathan Adler tufted couch
£2,445 -

Matta rug
£58 -

Silver leaf lamp
£1,455 -

Upholstered chair
£325 -

Accent table
£3,035 -

Textured throw pillow
£140 -

Mirrored table

Tea set

LSA International cake stand

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